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The Roman Denarius was the dollar of its day. It is a silver coin approximately 20mm in diameter. A Roman warrior would earn two to three Denarii per week for risking his life in warfare. To purchase a goat, would require 2-3 Denarii, which could feed a family of four for about a week. They were issued under various Emperors from approx. 100 BCE until the late 3rd century CE.

  Double Denarius

The Roman double Denarius was issued starting around the middle of the 3rd century CE. It is a silver coin approximately 22-24mm in diameter. We have a large collection of double Denarii in practically mint condition.

Bronze Tetradracham

This is a 17-21mm bronze coin issued mostly from the mint of Alexandria under Roman rule from the mid 3rd to the mid 4th century CE. These coins have various beautiful patinas ranging from a rich chocolate to a green olive to a golden honey color.

Bronze Assaria
Roman Provincial (or Greek Imperial)

These are bronze fractional coins approximately equal to a quarter of a Denarius, also with varying patinas.

Bronze Follis

The bronze Follis was issued during the last quarter of the 3rd century through the first half of the 4th century CE. It is a bronze coin approximately 25-28mm and was silver-plated by the Romans to look impressive. We have a large group of Folles many of which retain their original silver.

Follis with original silver plate
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